Weather you are travelling for business or leisure, travelling solo or with company, for a few days only or for a longer period, we can assist in customizing your experience in Malta & Gozo whilst staying with us.
Perhaps you wish to discover Scuba diving? Perhaps you are more interested in Maltese Wine Culture and visiting Malta's No 1 Winery, for a private tour with tasting opportunities in their Wine Cellars. Maybe you rather go for a walk in one of the many nearby Gardens of Floriana and Valletta? Whatever it may be, we are more than happy to assist in creating a tailored experience for you.

Did you know you can also rent the entire hotel?!
Great opportunity when travelling with family & friends.
Renting the entire hotel consists of 5 double rooms and 2 duplex suites. 

Because we just love when our hotel is buzzing and filled with smiling faces and happy people!!!

So if you're thinking of having a smaller event for a group of friends or perhaps a Team Building event with your colleagues, we would love to host your event.

Our upstairs breakfast area is perfect for smaller groups that requires tables and seating, whether it's for an Art class, a Board game afternoon, MakeUp classes or a traditional wine tasting evening.  
For standing events, the inner courtyard provides a cozy environment.

If you have an idea for an event, speak to us and we can help organize and structure it besides hosting it. (Please note that all events need to be within Covid-19 restrictions and regulations.)


In the spirit of supporting Local Business as much as possible, we also give the opportunity to local artists & local entrepreneurs to display their products in our hotel in 2021.
If you have a product you wish to display in our establishment, send an email to mia@23boutique.co and we would be happy to show support in any way we can. 

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